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Click to watch our introductory videoGreencare Developments is one of Australia’s leading creators and manufacturers of more eco-responsible formulations for cosmetics and household cleaning products.  Over the past 30 years we’ve been dedicated to using only the latest and most innovative alternatives to “mainstream cosmetics and household cleaners” – alternatives that work, and meet our objectives to develop products that are more eco-responsible.

Our alliances with local and international companies that produce natural, herbal, organic and environmentally low-impact raw materials enable us to produce formulations that will give your brand “a green edge” and actually make a difference to environmental sustainability. You’ll feel better about the more natural waste produced by your products, and so will the planet.

Economic sustainability in the 21st Century depends on environmental sustainability as more eco-savvy consumers sort through the “green wash” of so-called “green products” and find those that actually “talk the talk, and walk the walk.” We firmly, and passionately, believe that a successful brand, and company, must be realistic and responsible in respect of the environmental
and  health impact that arises from producing its products. Today, this is the expected “mainstream” view across all generations.

If you’d like to review your product’s environmental and health impact, or are seeking someone to to develop your next “New Generation Green Product”, give us a call to discuss your needs. Our range of product formulations includes moisturisers, spa products, hair care, tanning products, massage products, bath and shower, oral care, lip balms, anti-ageing creams, baby creams and lotions.

These products can be formulated without chemical preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances, petrochemicals, or other harmful or non-sustainable ingredients. And we can show you how. Greencare Developments. When You Care. Make it Greencare.

Quality Assurance

Our Greencare facility was built to comply with the therapeutic code of GMP and although the therapeutic division has been sold a modified GMP system for cosmetics and household products remains in place.

Those who work at Greencare come from a therapeutic background and quality assurance systems are a part of our culture.

From the documented control of raw materials to the validation of systems and stringent control of packaging and finished product, at Greencare we guarantee every batch will be a quality product.


At Greencare our aim is to become the industry leader in environmental responsibility. Our future plans include the following innovations:

  • Having our whole process and plant certified for the production of audited organic skincare, toiletries and household products.
  • Building Australia’s first environmentally-responsible factory in Melbourne incorporating a unique thermal natural grass roof, the recycling of water and other waste, wind and solar assisted power and a state-of-the-art design concept that avoids the need for air-conditioning.
  • Developing products that incorporate natural ingredients without the need for preservatives, petrochemicals or any highly processed chemical ingredient. We will be continuing our research and development of Australian skin-care actives, such as Emu Oil and Centipeda Cunninghamii (Old Man Weed).


Greencare’s manufacturing area is contained within a “Class 3500 Clean-Room” with separate materials dispensary, wash area and filling room.

All lotions and creams are blended in remotely heated, jacketed Stainless Steel tanks with side sweep variable speed mixers and high speed homogenisers to guarantee perfectly stable and fine emulsions with controlled particle sizes.

Our specialised mixing equipment allows us to work with minimum temperatures to ensure no loss of efficacy from the many natural oils and extracts formulated into our products.

Every step of the process is monitored and controlled by our Quality Control Laboratory using validated and documented systems.

With no minimum batch size and the ability to produce up to 10,000/kg/let per day we can service anything from niche markets to high volume brands.

Research & Development

Our technical staff’s committed to developing formulations that reduce your products’ impact on the environment and health.

We already have an extensive library of formulations and are able to develop new formulations to fit almost any brief. From moisturisers and anti-ageing creams, shampoo and hair treatments, spa products and tanning lotions to Greywater-compatible laundry liquids and cleansers, Greencare has a low-impact alternative ready to improve your product.

Our professional and qualified staff and systems are applied to develop, validate and manufacture a product that will meet the most stringent requirements of performance, stability and environmental responsibility.

As part of the development process we can also coordinate a range of additional services such as preservative-challenge tests, microbiological and RIPT testing, dermatological studies, efficacy studies and toxicological reports, moisturizing and elasticity tests and, of course, environmental impact comparison studies.

Warehouse & Delivery

Greencare offers customers a complete warehouse and distribution service, and with our computerised logistics system we can despatch your product to national retailers on a daily basis.

We have long-standing relationships with the major retail warehouses and can also take care of third party dispatch and invoicing documentation.

We are equipped to handle the packing of containers for overseas customers and handle most of the international regulatory requirements.

Greencare can be your technical, manufacturing and logistics partner thereby enabling you to focus on the critical job of building your brand while we take care of everything else.

Australian Actives

Greencare researches many active natural ingredients from around the world but we have a long history with a number of unique and successful Australian actives.

An example of our specialist work is demonstrated in the extraction processes and our incorporation of Oil of Emu and Centipeda Cunninghamii (Old Man Weed) into extremely efficacious therapeutic and anti-aging products.

Oil of Emu and Centipeda Cunninghamii are refined into cosmetic-grade actives by our group and formulated into listed therapeutic products and high quality cosmetics -  many of which are exported overseas.

Oil of Emu is an anti-inflammatory and transdermal solvent with many special features and Centipeda Cunninghamii (Old Man Weed) is a cell regenerator with anti-inflammatory and bacteria -static properties. Our group has worked with Australian and international authorities to have both materials recognised and registered as therapeutic actives.


Household cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries severely pollute our environment - particularly our waterways. Washing these chemicals into our drains and thinking they no longer pose any consequences is a grave misconception.

We are poisoning our planet at an ever increasing rate and often with totally unnecessary products such as the following:

  • Skin-care products and toiletries - with artificial perfumes, chemical dyes, preservatives and chemicals that are known toxins. We are encouraged via advertising to use these products at ever increasing frequencies for no proven benefits.
  • Fabric softeners - which actually coat your clothes with chemicals such as benzyl acetate (linked to pancreatic cancer), ethyl acetate (upper respiratory tract irritant) and many others. Not only are they dangerous they actually reduce the drying effect of towels and serve no practical purpose.
  • In bowl or cistern toilet cleaners - which instantly and very efficiently add pollutants to our water and then dispense them directly into our water ways for often no reason other than to give the impression of “clean.”

Consumerism seems to know no boundaries. We are constantly inventing new and more profitable and efficient ways to pollute our planet and poison ourselves. At Greencare Developments, we are crusaders against this. While we recognise the need for people to want and buy cosmetics and household cleaners, if we can convince companies to look at the greenest possible formulations – while still delivering results – our work toward a more sustainable environment and better health is done.

Contact Us

Greencare Developments Pty Ltd
4 Healey Road, Dandenong South Victoria 3175  Australia

Phone: 61 (3) 9706 6214
Fax: 61 (3) 9768 3701
Key Personnel: Graham Smith - Managing Director
Tammy Mattsson - Technical Manager
Bill Daft - Business Development Director


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